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real. different. voice.
"I don't have a job. I just work really hard to avoid one."

- Allan Peck

It took 15 years to become an overnight success and now there's a good chance Allan may be the first and last voice you hear every day and don't even realize it. This is literally all he's ever wanted to do, and there's nobody having more fun doing it than him. Allan's career in the world of voice acting peaked early and his big break happened at North Garland High School as the voice of the morning announcements. It’s really all been downhill from there. He then honed his craft in the immensely rewarding field of telemarketing and odds are pretty good that he called you in the middle of dinner to sell you lawn care. For that, he is deeply sorry but eternally grateful for the thick skin you provided him during those crucial developmental years. He continued his downward spiral and turned to radio where he spent the next 16 years on the Dallas airwaves playing everything from Justin Timberlake to Blake Shelton. Taylor Swift has even been heard saying she owes her career to Allan, though no one has been able to confirm who actually heard her say that. Since then, you’ve heard his voice everyday as the in-show and promotional announcer for Ellen, the voice of CNBC Prime, Fox, CBS, The CW, ABC, the Muppets Movie campaign…and yes, even Justin Bieber’s movie campaign. Again, for that, he is deeply sorry. He is married way out of his league to a Forney Jackrabbit and has been blessed with five wonderful children that wish, just once, he would read in a normal voice. 
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